SMS Language. Hidden Reasons?

Long long time ago..about the time when SMSes weren’t introduced, ancient times really, language was more powerful than men. By men I mean my school friends and I. But in a year’s time, after that long long time ago, the tables seemed to turn. With no monitoring from language teachers and great support from parents (they would pay the bills after all) language lost to men and their technology. “Yours sincerely” became “yrs”, which was no more sincere, “sleep” slipped into “slp”, “the” became “d” and words in general went on becoming shorter and shorter till they bore no resemblance to the words we once learnt.

SMS was a novelty; when it came it came with limited space and it charged money. Sure enough, twisting the language was an economic necessity accompanied by time-saving communication as its byproduct. Though most people seem to believe that the latter was the primary function. Once everyone got a hang of it they mastered at sending wide messages in minimum space.

But I failed at adapting.ย I remember sulking at that one extra buck being charged at that one extra message being sent because that one extra character exceeded the limit.ย Then a few years down the line, technology smiled upon me and gave me the one thing I wanted. Unlimited space! Now I could type foot long messages without worrying about the penalty. But most of my friends didn’t seem to value this freedom.

“wt u dng ds evng? lets mt” (sic) < after struggling to make sense out of this message from a dear friend, which ogled back at me, I wrote, “Yes, I am free to meet you today evening.” The sad part is, this imbalanced exchange of discourses happened on WhatsApp, thus essentially over smartphones.

My argument is, smart phones give you a QWERTY keyboard and as though automated dictionaries are not enough of spoon feeding already, prediction also tags along. In this scenario, where even the developing technology seems to propagate the traditional / academic/ approved way in which language is written, shouldn’t it be natural for MEN to easily adapt to the newly old ways of writing?

So the question for you is, despite being served everything on a plate why are we going back to packaged food? If we love to use the most modern equipment then why are we still stuck with the SMS language? Is it because it’s too uncool to use actual words? Or maybe an addiction? Or is it an escape from misspelled words? Or maybe there’s something else that I’ve missed?

5 thoughts on “SMS Language. Hidden Reasons?

  1. It has to be laziness…and the loss of love for language. I know that our generation uses text a lot more than predecessors but then why waste time and energy by typing a full word when you can just shorten it or send an emoticon?๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Okay! I believe it’s the adaptation of technology. Instead of using the technology to our benefits we have become dependent on it or say completely dependent. Using short forms is good and the benefit of it is that it saves time. But yes, on an professional level it can’t be used. So on all we can use it, it’s technologies great gift and also it is harmless!๐Ÿ™‚

  3. My English teachers use SMS language. It is embarrassing. And annoying!
    Love this.๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Akhila Shankar

    I still type complete words, both on chat and on SMS. So do you because we come from a different time. Language is not static, and it keep evolving. We don’t talk English the way Shakespeare did and am sure someone from that time would find our English to be bastardized. You might not agree with this change in written language (nor do I for that matter), but this is what evolution of language looks like and unfortunately we are caught at the brink of it all.

  5. Swapnil Ghangale

    according to me the main reason I use SMS language is Economical. if I can save 3 important letters by saying d instead of The in my message of 144 letters why should I use full spelling. but this is also creating problem for me. when I text to my boss that I am not coming today in SMS language he calls me up & ask ha Swapnil what were you trying to say I didn’t get anything from your message. so from that incidence I am very aware about SMS language use. now my language changes according to whom I am messaging.

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